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You is probably here because you need a review on this amazing product. Well you is in the right place.

Before I get started, lets me tell a little about the guys who behind this incredible product. The two guys who created this program are Tim Godfrey and Steve Clayton. You help small business owner like you and I generate over thousands of dollars a month. You can't be surprise because they were able to generate $10,000,000 in three years; that is a whole lots of loot. Hey, you could also get there with their products too; you just got to work hard and be dedicated. Just to make you feel better I not there yet, but I will be, if I work hard enough. I think I waste enough of your time, so lets get to the review.

Here is some incredible things this program have:
  • You will access to 200 professional marketing training video
  • You will also gain access to at least 80 step by step training manuals
  • You will get access to website templates
  • A unique tool known as business in a box's
  • Get free hosting packages

What will IM Advantages cover?
  • They will cover paid advertising such as learning how to make cash with Google Adwords and other websites that advertise
  • They will, also, cover SEO(search engine optimazation)-  You will learn to make some extra income by getting your website to the top of the search engine like Google, Yahoo, and more.
  • They will teach you about email marketing- You will gain the knowledge to gain subscribers to you email list, and you will be able to sale your products to your subscribers or customer
  • Learn some affiliate marketing- You could even learn how to sell other people product with out even building your own website.
  • Gain Article Marketing Skills- You will learn how to make money fast and free, writing article and putting it in article directory.  .
  • Learn how to Create Product for Sell- You will learn how to create your own product and make a profit selling it.
  • Make Cash with Social Media- You learn how to make money with social networks: Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks.
  • Create your Own Online Store(Ecommerce)- You will learn how to use an online storefront and sell physical products, and you don't need to worry about shipping because others are doing it for you.
  • Gain Local Marketing Skills-You will learn to make money by selling your online knowledge to offline businesses.

Just to let you know that this is only a few; there is a whole lot more stuff when you join this great program.

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Here are some example of the great products of this program, and these products are worth $1500 alone:

  • Commission Blueprint:
  • Niche Blueprint
  • SEM Business Blueprint:
  • Project Archimedes:
  • Automated Traffic Blueprints
  • Mining Money Online
  • Get More Buyers
  • Domain Flipping Theorem
  •  Facebook Marketing Course

Here a list resources they also have:

  • Free Hosting
  • Landing Pages and Sites Templates
  • Keyword Databases
  • Backlink Database
  • Lots of Video and Articles

Great tools of IM-Advantage:

  • Link Blueprint- It a link exchange system for all members to use. It is a great way to get diverse backlink.
  • Offer Evaluator- Takes a look at the earning ability for PPC keywords
  • Bookmark Blueprint- It a tool that automate social bookmarking.
  • Blog Blueprint- A great high-PR blog network
  • Hippojaw- This tracks your clicks and is ,also, a PPC optimization tool.
  • Peel Away AD Software-
  • Keyword Blueprint- A great keyword research tool
  • Article Blueprint- An article distributing service and also an automatic backlink builder. You creates an article and article blueprint will put it for you. Simply as that.
  • PPC Ad Optimizer- An ad split testing setup for PPC campaign; this makes you see what ads worth putting up easier.
  • Authority Hub Finder- It looks for backlinks sources for competing websites. It takes a look at the top ten sites for your keyword. Then it will check for sites that link back to the site, this will tell you which link worth building on.

These products could help just about any marketer, from beginners to pro. The product that I am pretty amaze of is the keyword blueprint. This product made my keyword research so much easier; this product took away all my keyword frustration away. What makes this product even better is that it even tell you whether the competition is good to compete with or not. This save a whole lot of time; you wants to make a website and finds out your competition is way ahead your lead. It also have a robot mode, which does the keyword research for you.

Another Product I pretty amaze of is the link blueprint; Before I could tell you about the link system, did you know that they have over 100000 backlinks going around this system. The great news about these backlinks is that they are diverse; diverse links are the links that Google is looking for. Here how the system works; you get these points know as link credits. You will use these link credits to get backlinks for your website. Real marketer like you will post your link on there website; you get a diverse backlink. Link credits are limited, but you could get more by putting other people links on your website. I believe it is one of the greatest linking strategy ever; that is my opinion. If you use this technique, you will never have to worry about backlink trouble again.

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